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Freed By The Light is the first book to provide documented evidence of profound medical, emotional and spiritual healings. It’s full of amazing real-life stories, medical histories and before-and-after photos of people all over the world who faced a variety of maladies that could not be solved by traditional means — despite the fact that they visited countless doctors, therapists and healers for help.

It peels back the veil and lets you see into the amazing, miracle-filled world of the supernatural, as revealed by real people who have experienced extraordinary things. You’ll read these and other riveting accounts:

  • A mother who saved her dying infant by rebuilding his body from the inside out
  • A young boy cured of autism by removing the nanobots in his brain
  •  A physician whose strange flu was caused by spiritual parasites
  •  A woman whose fibroid tumors disappeared after removing an energetic entity
  •  A woman who healed a cerebral spinal fluid leak with the help of angels
  •  A man who quit his addictions by kicking out the invading spirit of an alcoholic
  •  A woman who resolved a mysterious conflict by delving into a past life

Freed by The Light is a triumphant and enlightening book that teaches you about the unseen world (including nanotechnology) and lets you know how much HOPE, HEALING AND HELP is available to you!

“Amazing! It gives me such hope.”

Freed By The Light is a must-read, especially if you:

  • Want to know more about angels and how they can help you
  • Suffer from spiritual oppression or a feeling that something is trying to hold you back
  • Wonder about aliens and their role on this planet
  • Want to understand what’s really behind GMO’s, nanobots and vaccines
  • Want to know more about the Afterlife or to contact your loved ones who have crossed over
  • Want to understand more about spirituality, subtle energy or the nature of reality

Former newspaper editor and scientifically verified healer Margo Mateas brings a journalistic eye to this work, providing astonishing before-and-after photos and personal accounts to tell a story that will blow the lid off your concept of “reality” and introduce you to a wonder-filled new world full of hope, love and peace.